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About Me

I'm Amy and I'm the owner and baker at Relish, a small business specialising in 100% vegan celebration cakes delivered all over Bath! 

Relish started as a supper club, hosted in my mum's flat where I served delicious homemade food to the people of Bath. I loved the supper clubs but baking has always been my thing. I was always the one in our friendship group making the most OTT ridiculous cakes for my pals and after selling out regularly at markets, cakes became my main focus.

I make all cakes fresh in my home kitchen and custom made to fit exactly what you want- no two cakes are exactly the same. I aim to make cakes that even non-vegans love and would never be able to tell were vegan, I'd say around 70% of my customers aren't even plant-based which is the ultimate compliment.

If you are plant based or are looking to delve into the vegan diet then surely cake is a good place to start?!