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To enquire about availability  please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that the booking is not made until confirmation is sent. Prices are as follows:



6 inch mini- up to 8 servings £25

6 inch tall- 12-14 servings £35

7 inch tall- 14-16 servings £45

8 inch tall- 16-20 servings £55

GF flavours are +£5


*seasonal flavours*

-pumpkin spice

-plum & ginger

-apple & cinnamon

*regular flavours*

-chocolate & peanut butter 

-chocolate orange

-chocolate & salted caramel


-carrot & walnut

-biscoff & vanilla

-victoria sponge

-red velvet

-oreo (& vanilla/choc)

-lemon & raspberry

-orange & almond

-coffee & pecan

**Delivery is only avaialble for BA1/BA2**

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