3 layer 7 inch cake serves 12-14 

3 layer 8 inch cakes serves 16-20 

3 layer 9 inch cake serves 20-25 

3 layer 10 inch cake serves 25-30

Please select your size on the drop down menu.


A super fun ombre cake in the colour and flavour of your choice. Please let me know in the box below what flavour you'd like and which colour and I'll do my very best.

Flavour choices are:

Chocolate & peanut butter

Chocolate & salted caramel

Carrot & walnut

Coffee & pecan

Almond & lemon

Vanilla funfetti


The cake can be topped with vegan sweet treats such as pink wafers, flying saucers and party rings. Please choose whether or not you'd like sweets or just to keep it plain and simple with beautiful piping.

Tall gold/rose gold candles are available at an additional £2.

Ombre Cake

Cake size
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  • This cake contains gluten, soy and nuts.